Mark Osterholt Impersonating Me

A free website for me, Mark? Thanks! Sociopath Mark Osterholt made a website impersonating me on the free blogging wordpress platform. Why a free platform? Because he tries to hide, he’s too broke to buy a domain, he couldn’t get my name as a .com, and is not original enough to come up with a …

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Mark Osterholt Threatens My Children

Here is another email from the sociopath Mark Osterholt, threatening to go after my kids. He wanted me to “confirm” (whatever that means) another user on an adult industry web forum called “GFY”, where people in the adult entertainment and pornography industry hang out. Proving his ties to pornography once again, exposing himself as a …

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Emails from Mark Osterholt

I have a large collection of emails from Mark Osterholt, dating from present day back to 1998. And I am going to reveal all, right here. One at a time. But first, let’s go over how Mark Osterholt likes to threaten people over email. He loves to use an email alias, as he is afraid …

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Mark Osterholt Threatens my Wife

Mark Osterholt, serial sociopath stalker? So today, the narcissist/sociopath Mark Osterholt sends a text to my wife. He is obviously butthurt and has sand in his vagina over this website. Which just motivates me to put more energy into this little project. Threatening my wife, daughter, parents won’t help you Mark. I’m not afraid of …

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Mark Osterholt and Animal Cruelty

Mark Osterholt and Animal Cruelty

I’ve stumbled upon a truly disturbing news story that showcases the intersection of animal cruelty and narcissistic or sociopathic behavior. The protagonist in this chilling tale is none other than Mark Rommel Osterholt, the operator of Osterholt and Sons Seafood Co. This is a story about the sick actions of Mark Osterholt and Animal Cruelty. …

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