Another Article on Mark “Turtle Killer” Osterholt

Found a fourth article about the atrocious killing of innocent turtles and harm to many more by the sociopath and monster Mark Osterholt. This time it’s from SFGate, a well known and respected news outlet and website from San Francisco, California.

It appears that the total kill count is 761 turtles. There were 1,651 more that were dehydrated, starved, partially crushed, and need veterinary help and rehabilitation to be saved. Absolute sociopath monster is an appropriate description of despicable Mark Osterholt.

1995-03-09 04:00:00 PDT Los Angeles — A seafood company operator who allowed more than 760 turtles to die in a warehouse and a van was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

Mark Rommel Osterholt, 28, of West Hills pleaded no contest Tuesday to charges of animal cruelty and possession of a prohibited animal species — snapping turtles, the city attorney’s office said.

Van Nuys Municipal Court Commissioner Mitchell Block also ordered Osterholt to serve 30 days on a highway work crew.

The investigation of Osterholt began May 13 when authorities found 1,112 turtles, 121 of them dead, crammed into a van at a West Hills condominium complex.

On August 9, investigators found more than 1,300 turtles in a storage warehouse Osterholt had rented. More than 640 were dead.

Among the species found were snapping turtles, an aggressive, carnivorous variety from the Southeast that is illegal to possess in California.

A hearing was scheduled for May 9 to determine whether Osterholt will pay veterinary bills for the surviving turtles. City Attorney James Hahn said the sum currently totals $27,000.

Other species identified by investigators included mud turtles, sliders, map turtles and red-eared turtles.

Osterholt operates Osterholt and Sons Seafood Co. in Canoga Park.
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