Today’s Laugh from Idiot Mark Osterholt

So the shiny new impersonation website that Mark Osterholt made for he has this statement on it today:

What can I say? No records to be found. I guess he has me this time.

I’m speechless that he found out I was lying the whole time. I guess I was never in the Army or anything. I guess I was in the Bermuda Triangle all those years, swimming with uncle Fester from the Addam’s Family.

This really makes me sad that he has exposed me for being a liar to everyone.

Ok, that’s not really what happened. Today I’m just sitting here, drinking my coffee, and staring at this on my desk.

And right there is my ATC diploma and a few awards for the services I performed as an Air Traffic Controller, amongst others I don’t really talk about much. Damn, Mark, you got busted being a sociopath narcissist liar AGAIN. Everytime you attack my integrity, you fail. Every single time. But you’ve failed at everything you’ve ever done, so I guess you’re used to it.

Sadly, several more of my awards were stored at my mother’s house in Texas, and destroyed in house fire many years ago. Mark also insinuated back then that I started the fire. Are you surprised? I was living 1400 miles away! More proof he has been on the attack for years and years. You’d think he’d find a new boyfriend to chase after but I’m just not so lucky.

I was still an Army Reservist the whole time that me and Mark Osterholt were business partners and shared a large office in a suite on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles. I was still checking in and getting paid. Mark Osterholt knew that. Just more and more bullshit lies from that pathetic loser.

I wonder if the idiot Mark Osterholt ever considered how I got a liver transplant at the VA/OSU hospital in Portland OR last year? Why would the VA fly me and my mother-in-law from Las Vegas to Portland on a Lear Jet if I’ve never served? Transplants are not performed in Las Vegas, and it was during the covid epidemic and getting in a transplant hospital anywhere was difficult. The Veteran’s Administration actually takes good care of their heroes when asked. Again, Mark, you’re just a fucking liar. You know damn well that I served honorably but you can’t find anything on me so you make up bullshit. Want to talk about a defamation lawsuit? Too bad you have no assets at 57 years old. Nothing. Broke loser. It’s still tempting just to watch you go broke again trying to defend yourself.

Almost everyone knows that military service records are protected information, and are not searchable on backgrounds reports. Everyone knows that except for the idiot Mark Osterholt. Only the DOD or myself can release the records, and the DOD will not do it without a federal warrant. My records are sealed until November 11, 2060. Given Mark Osterholt’s 30 year history of smoking and alcoholism, I believe he will be long dead before 2060 gets here. After his hospitalization for pneumonia in 2021 and the other bad health problems that were discovered, I will be surprised if he survives another 2 or 3 years to be honest.

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