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Mark Osterholt the “Turtle Killer” Made the News in India recently.

Mark Osterholts Gay Scooter

Apparently, the people of India really despise those that are cruel to animals. I do not blame them, as I think those who are cruel to animals without remorse are some of the most dangerous and vile psychopaths that humanity has to offer. And I’m not alone, as there are many articles relating animal cruelty to mental illness.

The article about animal abuse posted in India from covers several individuals and their cruelty to animals, including the story about Mark Osterholt. The got a few of the facts wrong, but they did get his name and general facts correct.

Crimes against animals have often verged on the horrific. In 1995, in Westminster, Colorado, a putrid smell from a van led authorities to 1,112 turtles, of which more than 100 had died after being baked, crushed and starved inside burlap bags. Another 979 were found severely dehydrated. “It’s probably the worst case of animal cruelty that I’ve ever seen,” said Deputy City Attorney Don Cocek, after filing animal cruelty and neglect charges in September against Mark Rommel Osterholt, the 28-year-old operator of a Canoga Park seafood company.

The article was posted on April 20, 2023.

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