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Mark Osterholt Being a Cunt Again

Mark Osterholt Being a Cunt Again

And here we go. Mark Osterholt has no issue proving himself to be the psycho stalker that I have always claimed him to be, over and over. This guy is 57 years old, never married, no kids, and stalks another man for 27 years, and continues to pull stunts like this. How homo and deranged can someone be? Speaks for itself.

The mere fact that he named his website “Will’s Dead Liver” just proves yet again his obsessive fascination with me while poking fun at someone who had a liver transplant. Childlike mentality at it’s finest. Clearly has Daddy issues. Absolutely should get a life outside of mine.

Reported and yet another entry added to the FBI report.

Gay homo psycho stalker Mark Osterholt
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