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Mark Osterholt Impersonating Me

A free website for me, Mark? Thanks!

Sociopath Mark Osterholt made a website impersonating me on the free blogging wordpress platform. Why a free platform? Because he tries to hide, he’s too broke to buy a domain, he couldn’t get my name as a .com, and is not original enough to come up with a good alternative. I think Mark was intentionally dropped on his head as a child. And I don’t blame his parents for doing it. I mean how else can someone be such an idiot? It’s amazing.

Anyway, Mark Osterholt is very predictable to a fault. He linked the website to my wife’s Facebook profile. Mark is a stalker and a sociopath, and he will try to victimize your significant other, your parents, your kids, your friends, and your business associates. I fully expect him to build up the website with bullshit and then blast out links to everyone he can find that he thinks is even remotely related to me. The difference between me and him is that I don’t bullshit. Everything on this site is factual and backed up with links to other articles about him, screenshots of web forums, screenshot of his bullshit threatening and psycho emails, or my own personal experience with him. I have integrity, and he can’t even spell that.

Some of Mark Osterholt’s claims about me on my shiny new website:

  • Pathological Liar – this one blew my mind. But then again, consider the source. Mark often points fingers and accuses other of the very traits that he possesses. A textbook narcissist trait.
  • Stolen Valor – Again, mind blowing. I think Mark is jealous of my military career. I spent 7 years in the Army, earned several awards, deployed a few times, spent some time overseas, went to several schools such as Jungle Warfare, Combat Lifesaver, and some others. I held two occupational specialties, which were Field Artillery and Air Traffic Control. At no point have I ever claimed to have done more than I actually have, or claimed credits for awards or medals that I do not have, or claimed to hold a rank that I did not earn. I’ve never claimed to have gone to specialization schools that I did not go to. And I have a DD-214 to back up everything I say. I served honorably. Ask Mark to see his DD-214, or even a certificate proving that he has ever finished anything other than some jail time and working on a road crew. I doubt he can produce anything but more lies.
  • Tax Dodger – Mark stretching the truth again. Did I have a tax problem? I absolutely did. I went from making E-4 military pay, to working with Mark at his business “Internet Concepts” building porn sites, went home home broke, and then suddenly began making several hundred thousand dollars a year on my own, working from home. It was more money than I actually knew what to do with at the time. A bad attorney advised me to start a corporation, which I knew nothing about. The tax problem started there and took a few years to settle. At one time the IRS claimed I owed them $1.2million, which was all settled in a confidential agreement with them that I can’t disclose. But everything that was agreed on that I owed them was paid quickly, and I’m in good standing with the IRS and have been for years. How is this dodging taxes? Well, ask Mark Osterholt since he seems to be the expert on everything, at least in his little mind. Even better: Ask Mark Osterholt about the time he owed the IRS over $16k and they snatched it out of his bank account, and left him broke in 1997. At least I can say that my tax issues never got to that point. Who exactly is the tax dodger here?
  • Pornographer – See the item above where I started working for Mark? Mark Osterholt, the guy that claims he started the business “Atlas Multimedia” that built websites for the top pornstars in the late 90’s. Yep, I did that for a short while. And then I promoted webcams and that is when I started making good money. And then I dropped webcams, started promoting adult dating, and that is where I’ve actually made the majority of my income. It is adult related, but not actual “porn sites” like you see on PornHub or other places. It’s just people looking to meet other people, and what they do from there is not my business. Mark hates me doing this, as it was me and my wife on the private jets going to exotic places and buying the big house, nice sports cars, new trucks etc and not him. So all this pointing of fingers from Mark about pornography is just a very jealous kettle calling the pot black.
  • Loser – Losing at what, exactly? The only thing I’ve lost at, is being a lower piece of shit than Mark Osterholt. He has that one all tied up.
  • Sociopath – More of Mark Osterholt accusing others of his own traits. Mark has stalked me for 26 years, his anger and jealousy is relentless. That’s why this website exists. Get over it, Mark. I will never be your boyfriend. Get a new hobby and go away.

Screenshots of the website he made and some fake social media accounts that he made to impersonate me:




And another Twitter…

All have been reported and added to the ongoing FBI report I have been updating on him for several months now.

But in other news, I did link a few DA40+ domains to this website today. Mark will love that 🙂

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