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Threats from Mark Osterholt – Feb 2023

Mr PheerSep 15, 2023

Mark Osterholt’s favorite thing to do is to contact someone with a picture of their house, family…


Today’s Laugh from Idiot Mark Osterholt

Mr PheerAug 6, 2023

So the shiny new impersonation website that Mark Osterholt made for he has this statement on it…


It’s a New Day, and a New Threat from Mark Osterholt

Mr PheerAug 3, 2023

Well here we go again with more of the same old bullshit from the loser sociopath Mark…


Mark Osterholt Threatens My In-Laws

Mr PheerAug 2, 2023

Here are a couple more screenshots of the sociopath Mark Osterholt threatening my In-Laws, especially my mother…


Mark Osterholt Impersonating Me

Mr PheerAug 2, 2023

A free website for me, Mark? Thanks! Sociopath Mark Osterholt made a website impersonating me on the…


Mark Osterholt Threatens My Children

Mr PheerAug 1, 2023

Here is another email from the sociopath Mark Osterholt, threatening to go after my kids. He wanted…


Mark Osterholt Threatens my Wife

Mr PheerJul 31, 2023

So today, the narcissist/sociopath Mark Osterholt sends a text to my wife. He is obviously butthurt and…

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