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Emails from Mark Osterholt

I have a large collection of emails from Mark Osterholt, dating from present day back to 1998. And I am going to reveal all, right here. One at a time.

But first, let’s go over how Mark Osterholt likes to threaten people over email.

He loves to use an email alias, as he is afraid of linking his real name to anything. He somehow thinks it protects him, but he’s just stupid. I love to play a game with him. Usually when he contacts me by email, I like to block his address so that he can’t contact me a second time. But I have to hand it to Mark Osterholt, he is very persistent. He will simply make a new fake email address and keep up with his bullshit. A classic textbook example of a sociopathic stalker if I’ve ever seen one.

A few of the email addresses he has used to harass me:

Mark Osterholt likes to try to cause distress, emotional damage, and financial damage to his victims. He has admitted to tactics such as attacking family members and even the CHILDREN of his victims. He will not hesitate to make fake reports about people, or websites about them, and contact everyone he can find that is related to his victim, and spread the misinformation or outright lies that he invents. He will use fake names on web forums and social media to send out his attacks, as well as text messages from fake phone numbers. And then he will brag about it…

Anyways, let’s share the first email. I was discussing trying to get my name for my Facebook account, and then Mark Osterholt replies with this:

Oh, did I mention that he is also a racist? As you can see for yourself…

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