More Information on Turtle Killing Mark Osterholt

I found a third LA Times article about the turtle murdering antics of sociopath Mark Osterholt.

Mark Rommel Osterholt, the 28-year-old operator of a seafood company in Canoga Park, is facing charges of animal cruelty and illegal possession of snapping turtles. The case began when a van emitting a foul smell was found to contain 1,112 dead and dying turtles, with over 700 found dead in total. The turtles suffered from various horrors, including dehydration, crushing, drowning, and infestations. Live turtles were discovered squeezed next to the dead ones. Mark Osterholt is believed to have obtained the turtles from a family member in Arkansas and sold them to restaurants and seafood outlets in California.

Following the discovery in West Hills, investigators tracked more turtles to a wholesale seafood warehouse in Westminster, where an additional 1,367 turtles were found, with over 600 dead and 700 alive. The living turtles were rehabilitated and released into the wild.

It was also revealed that Mark Osterholt had been linked to illegally imported snapping turtles found in a market, leading to further charges as snapping turtles are prohibited in California due to their aggressive nature and threat to native wildlife.

Mark Osterholt is scheduled for arraignment on October 25, and the charges carry potential penalties of six months in jail and $20,000 in fines.

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