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Mark Osterholt Continues His Stalkerish Bullshit

Just a little quick update on the cunt Mark Osterholt.

Mark continues being a cunt, of course. Did you expect any different? He can’t get over being a loser and following me all around the internet.

Back in September, he got his naive boyfriend TubeAce, another guy who works in the online adult business to believe his bullshit. Nobody has ever accused TubeAce (real name Christopher Howard of New Orleans, LA) of being a smart person, but I didn’t know how much of an idiot he really was.

So just to save a bunch of typing, poor stupid TubeAce gets banned…

So Mark posts this on his website while mourning the loss of his gay crush.

Mark doesn’t like me getting his boyfriend banned and then he makes a comment about me posting “So Fucking Banned” on my profile…. The “so fucking banned” was a private joke between me and GFY user J Falcon, another one of Mark’s stalker victims. More on that later. And watched Mark spin a conspiracy theory about what it’s about. Mark just makes up complete bullshit out of thin air.

So, I changed it to something more suitable for him.

Mark should like that title a lot better, it’s what he is into. I also took a chance to expose more of bullshit on the forum full of “pornographers” that he wishes he was still part of, but they repeatedly ban him every time I expose his new fake accounts.

Why does Mark have so many friends in the adult industry and why does he hang out on adult industry forums, and then attack people for being “pornographers” when he himself takes credit for bringing me into the industry? Hmm…

And you’d think that since Mark has so much free time to google me all day, he’d get my age or birthday right. But he never does. He’s even at loser at being a competent stalker. So much failure in absolutely everything… I’d self delete if I were as pathetic as him.

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