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Mark Osterholt Threatens My Children

Here is another email from the sociopath Mark Osterholt, threatening to go after my kids. He wanted me to “confirm” (whatever that means) another user on an adult industry web forum called “GFY”, where people in the adult entertainment and pornography industry hang out. Proving his ties to pornography once again, exposing himself as a total psycho willing to attack children, and once again being a racist for going on a “jew rant” (his words, not mine).

As you can see for yourself, Mark Osterholt is obviously a danger and a threat, and a racist. Clearly has mental problems. Absolutely a narcissist and sociopath. If you have any sort of relationship with this guy, whether business, friends, or -god forbid- you’re romantically involved with this psycho, you really need to re-evaluate your decisions.

And the “TurkeyHunter” email is one of the emails that I listed here that he has used to harass me with in the past.

The Scott Croner reference is another guy that Mark Osterholt stalked and harassed, but more on that in another article. Scott is a Turkey Hunting guide in Nebraska that Mark tried to run out of business, Mark Osterholt faked his identity with a spoofed email. Are you seeing a pattern here yet? Just wait, I’ll expose a level of craziness you’ve never seen before.

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