Website Update

I’m pretty happy about the growth of this website over the past few days. This domain used to actually be owned by Mark Osterholt himself, but he stupidly let it drop (he couldn’t pay the $10 yearly registration and the registrar took it back) and then I was able to acquire it. Mark tried to hide himself (of course) when he owned it and made up a person called “Marko Sterholt” and that made-up persona actually got some great backlinks from a german website with a Domain Authority of 80. In SEO terms, that is outstanding. Thank you for the awesome link juice, Mark.

This website is doing quite well, as you can see in the traffic stats posted here:

Some more stats directly from Cloudflare. Yeah, I’m loving it…

I’ve received a few emails from other victims of Mark Osterholt and am considering giving them author accounts here so they can tell their side of being victimized by Mark Osterholt. There are a few others that I also know about, and I have emailed them and invited them to post here. I am by far not the only person that he has directed his childish tantrums and sociopathic rants and threats toward.

Have you been a victim of Mark Osterholt? Would you like to tell your story here? I will setup a contact link later today and if you would like to tell me about it or post here and tell everyone yourself, I invite you to do so.

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