Mark Osterholt’s Pornography Business

I just discovered articles about the pornography business that Mark Osterholt claims that he founded with his now-deceased brother, Don Osterholt. Mark claims that Don ripped him off and kicked him out of the business, but that is not what really what happened. I know all about it because Mark Osterholt recruited me from a live chat room to come help him split from the business with his brother, and create a new business building pornographic websites and marketing them to prospective buyers in the Wallstreet Journal. Updates are coming soon.

** UPDATE **

And here is the update I promised!

This article was taken from Luke Ford’s website. Luke Ford is a blogger that covers the adult online industry. Or, at least he used to. I’m not sure if he is still around, but his website is. Anyway, here is an article where Mark Osterholt takes the credit for creating Atlas Multimedia, a company that was located in the San Fernando Valley, which built websites for prominent porn stars in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

I had nothing to do with Don Osterholt (Atlas Multimedia) going out of business or stealing your revenue-share earnings. Calling me, emails, IM’s, or contacting the Parish Sheriff “definitely” won’t help you. I’ve mentioned on industry forums for over a decade that Don was a narcissistic sociopath, liar, and a thief only to get backlash from it. Finally feels good to have my “I told you so” moment.

I walked out of Atlas Multimedia in 1997 because I watched Don shave client earnings (pre-NATS) and use stolen images to build adult pay-sites to be sold with stolen image galleries. Don was desperate to pay off SEC fines or face prison if the terms of his restitution and probation were not met from his previous failed occupation. Eventually, Atlas Multimedia did get sued twice and paid out damages for stealing adult content.

Anyway, I brought Don into the adult Internet business because of his past occupational failures and the life long family ostracization do to being institutionalized as young adult. I simply felt sorry for him. In turn, Don ended up changing business contracts, domain names, and then finally changing the company ownership agreement without my knowledge. I was completely caught off-guard by this action because well, he’s family. Then when confronted, Don got violent.

In short, I watched my ideas, two years of hard-work, and my clients investment money stolen by my own brother. After I left Atlas, Don called various agencies like the IRS, Department of Corporations, etc because of competitive jealousies or to try and push me completely out of the business. He failed, again.

The main reason I’ve mentioned all this is if Don Osterholt is willing to do all this to his only brother and true family, you will NEVER get your money back. Atlas Multimedia still owes me several thousand dollars as I’ve yet to see that or Don Osterholt in almost 17 years.

Finally, all historical information on the Don Osterholt blog is true to my knowledge.  Good luck,  Mark

The fight between Mark and his brother did happen. I know, because I was there. It did not happen the way that Mark explains it.

Mark had recruited me from on online chat room to help him build a new company building pornographic websites, but more on that later. Mark Osterholt simply did not like not being in charge and he wanted to leave the company.

It is funny how Mark here openly admits starting a pornographic website business, but will denounce anyone else in the same business. A good example of that is him sending my wife a text message, threatening to tell family, her job, etc about her “porn marketing” past. Very funny, Mark… you idiot. I’m the porn marketer, not her. It’s like he thinks his own shit doesn’t apply to him. He actually thinks that about a lot of things that he does, as we will discuss in future updates.

The link to the article I quoted is above is here:

And just in case Mark Osterholt tries to have the web page removed, as he is known to do, I will post a full-page screenshot of the website. Enjoy reading!

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