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Mark Osterholt Impersonating Me on Nextdoor

Mark Osterholt Continues His Obsession With Me

Here we go again with this loser Mark Osterholt, this time trying to impersonate me on, claiming to live in my same neighborhood. Little does Mark know that I have a whole fan club there, including the moderators. Mark Osterholt’s fake account won’t be there for long.

Mark Osterholt Impersonating me again, on Nextdoor.

I did take the opportunity to place a backlink back to this website, though.

Mark Osterholt has obsessed over me for 27 years, ever since I left his failing business right outside KoreaTown in LA back in 1997. 27 years of stalking me online, threatening kids, family, friends, making false claims about Stolen Valor and jobs that I’ve never had. An Herbalife dealer? WTF is wrong with you, Mark?

The only job I have had since I got out of the Army as an Air Traffic Controller in 1997 is the same job I do now. Self employed, self taught internet affiliate marketer and software engineer. I work from home, work my own hours, and it’s great. Mark Osterholt lets his jealousy debilitate him to the point of madness, which you’ll see from reading the rest of this website.

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