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Threats from Mark Osterholt – Feb 2023

Mark Osterholt’s favorite thing to do is to contact someone with a picture of their house, family members, or a background report on them (an attempt to intimidate, by showing he has “found you”) and then saying… Shall we talk?

Here are five emails from Mark Osterholt pretending to be a previous victim of his. You can see from the timestamps how he gets more and more irritated if you don’t respond. He thrives on attention like a spoiled toddler. And then he resorts to posting someone else’s house on the internet. I don’t know who Hope is, but Klen is a moderator on GFY. I assume maybe Hope is related to him, but I don’t know.

Mark Osterholt Threat 1
Mark Osterholt Threat 2
Mark Osterholt Threat 3
Mark Osterholt Threat 4
Mark Osterholt Threat 5
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