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It’s a New Day, and a New Threat from Mark Osterholt

Well here we go again with more of the same old bullshit from the loser sociopath Mark Osterholt. This time he’s referring to two of my children and one of grandchildren with his usual racial slurs. I guess he thinks the brother and sister are “mom and dad” – typical stupidity from this lunatic.

Mark Osterholt gets off on this type of stuff. He’s obviously feeling very threatened by this website as he is now creating new email addresses impersonating me. And a twitter link where he is again impersonating me. This guy can’t get me out of his head. What an obsessive idiot. I told you before Mark, I will never be your boyfriend, so get over it and take your gay fantasies someplace else.

I guess him and his new lover the “vaselinewarrior” and going to send out an email. I’m sure Mark is loving that vaseline, as it probably reminds him of his childhood visiting his uncle’s house. It’s a federal crime to do that Mark, but you’ve always been self destructive with your mental issues so I’m sure you’ll do it anyway. Can’t believe he hasn’t figured out that this website has a much bigger purpose than what he’s seeing. Keep up with your bullshit Mark, and keep giving me content to post here for everyone to see.

And since he used a new email address to contact me, I updated the list of emails addresses that he has used to harass me with in the past.

That email is now blocked and he can’t contact me with it again. I’m sure he will make a new one though to continue his stalking, as he always does.

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