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Mark Osterholt has 3 DUI Arrests

Alcoholic Mark Osterholt

Well, this certainly explains a lot. Not only is he a sociopath/narcissist, he’s also an alcoholic. One DUI can happen to any unlucky social drinker. Most people learn their lesson and straighten up after that. Two DUI arrests should be a clear signal that you have a problem with alcohol, you should be seeking help at this point. But three DUI arrests? Ok at that point you’re just a selfish, reckless idiot with no regard for anyone else’s safety and should never be allowed to drive again. WTF Mark Osterholt, why can’t you just act right? Are you trying to kill people? Do you just hate EVERYBODY including yourself? Seek help loser…

Multiple DUIs, reckless driving, can’t obey traffic lights, driving with license suspended multiple times, doesn’t keep his address updated on his license. Is he just constantly running from place to place after he quickly wears out his welcome everywhere he goes? I’d take an educated guess and say, yes.

I can’t help but laugh when I see a DUI on April 28th, and then another on May 4th of the same year. Jesus… how pathetic can someone get?

Mark Osterholt sets the bar really, really low.

And let’s forget about the time he killed all those turtles and went to jail for 2 months and had to work on a road crew 🙂

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