Mark Osterholt Threatens My In-Laws

Here are a couple more screenshots of the sociopath Mark Osterholt threatening my In-Laws, especially my mother in law, saying he is going to “do things” to her.

If you know this idiot psycho Mark Osterholt, I advise you to stay far, far away.

The email addresses he uses, Dan Tucker <[email protected]> and LazyCash barry <[email protected]> or both listed on this page where I list other email addresses that he uses to harass me with. The “LazyCash” email is one that he uses to impersonate someone else that he has done these very same sort of attacks on. I have actually became friends with him and I invite him to be a guest poster here if he wishes to do so.

The reference to “Crockett” is another user on the adult webmaster forum GFY, whom Mark Osterholt has also provided my personal information to.

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