Those Damn Emails!

A collection of email from Mark Osterholt showing how he likes to target the family members and children of those he does not like. These will contain racism as well.

Mark Osterholt Threatens My Children

Here is another email from the sociopath Mark Osterholt, threatening to go after my kids. He wanted me to “confirm” (whatever that means) another user on an adult industry web forum called “GFY”, where people in the adult entertainment and pornography industry hang out. Proving his ties to pornography once again, exposing himself as a

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Emails from Mark Osterholt

I have a large collection of emails from Mark Osterholt, dating from present day back to 1998. And I am going to reveal all, right here. One at a time. But first, let’s go over how Mark Osterholt likes to threaten people over email. He loves to use an email alias, as he is afraid

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